Every Tuesday at 9am & Thursday at 2pm Central
*schedule subject to change. Join the community for updates.

If you struggle to stay focused and actually get things done while working from home, you are not alone.

I repeat — You. are. not. alone.

Coworking is a great solution for laptop jockeys who need to get outside their home, and those who find motivation being surrounded by others (whether directly interacting or not). Most people search for coworking because they need a change of scenery, but productive energy is one reason many folks come back again and again.

Virtual coworking sessions are accessible from wherever you are, but provide accountability and structure for those who can’t meet up in person.

The Aville Cowork community has set times to meet, which creates clear structure and just enough FOMO to get you started (though feel free to jump in and out as your schedule requires). Plus, knowing others in the group keeps us accountable to actually show up. Having a clear structure with established blocks for working and breaks also helps members stay focused and productive.

So how does it work?

Sessions are hosted on Zoom, and we start off with a little chit chat and settling in. The coworking room usually opens a little before the official start time so folks can settle before diving into the work.

Blocks are structured with the Pomodoro method, using both short (25/5) and long (50/10) formats. We actually start with the “break” blocks in order to set intentions for our to-dos. Then we work and circle back to assess our progress during the next break.

General Structure

  • These sessions are for you, so participate how you need them most.
  • Clock is set with work time and break time. The screen will change colors to help identify which block we’re in.
  • Feel free to come early to get settled (the room usually opens 10-15 min before the session start time).
  • We’ll start with our first “break block” by checking in and setting intentions for our first work block.
  • Drop in and out as your schedule requires — you are automatically muted when you arrive in order to not disrupt active work blocks.

Work Blocks

  • Microphone: please mute yourself while working so others can focus. (See below if you’d like to chat with other members during a work block.)
  • Camera: keep it on or leave it off, whatever you prefer! Some people like to see others actively working, others feel like they’re being spied on. Do what makes you most productive.

Break Blocks

  • If you’d like to connect during breaks, just turn your mic back on (and camera if you had it off)! We suggest chatting about how your session went and what you plan for the next one.
  • If you don’t want to chat during your break, that’s fine, too! Do what works for you.
  • If you want to work through a break, just keep your working sessions for camera and mic, and mute your computer if you don’t want to hear the group’s chatter.
  • If you’d like to continue catching up with other members during a working block, let the host know and we’ll set up a private room for your group! It will be timed to correlate with our work block, but you’re welcome to leave the room and return to working whenever you like.

Ready to Join?

Coworking sessions are part of our digital membership, along with other resources to help you focus and grow your business.